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Seeing the projects we fund through the lens of a photographer and witnessing first hand, testimonials of those lives that have been quite literally transformed because of Bnai Zion’s efforts, has given me an even greater appreciation for the daily challenges and importance of Bnai Zion’s work.

Interviewing the patients, students and their parents really added a deeper perspective to the ongoing connection and loving relationships with the larger Israeli projects and our hundreds of Colleagues there. We wish to thank our colleagues, staff and volunteers that turn our support into cutting-edge medical care and life-saving surgeries, transforming therapies for children and youth and bring music and culture to venues that had none.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Remarks at the Conference of Presidents

netThe annual Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations began Sunday, February 14th at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem. In attendance were National President, David Eisenberg, Executive Vice President, Cheryl Bier, and First Vice President, Stephen Savitsky. Participants at the opening night program were addressed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Below is a transcript of his remarks.

First I want to say that the people of Israel feel the grief of stricken families, whether by terror or as we've had today, a horrific accident, road accident. And we send our condolences to the families of those killed, and of course our hopes for the speedy recovery of the wounded.

We live in an era where there are two parallel but contradictory trends regarding the State of Israel. The first one is all too familiar to you and that's the ongoing multinational hostility to Israel. You see it at the UN; you see it at the UN Human Rights Council – I can't believe there is such a term that is so self-contradictory: UN Human Rights Council; the ICC; regrettably the EU. We've had some efforts to change at least the EU. But we know that in many of these multinational forums, Israel is singled out. I hope that one day we'll receive a double standard because right now, we're not enjoying a double standard; we are suffering a triple standard. There is one standard for the democracies – well, there's one standard for the dictatorships. They're usually exempt. The other is for the democracies and there's still a third standard for the democracy called Israel. I think you're all familiar with that and in some senses it's getting worse.

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Bnai Zion Medical Center Ranked #1 in Country

A recent survey of 11,000 people conducted by the Israeli Ministry of Health concluded that among the medium size hospitals (200-800 beds), the Bnai Zion Medical Center received the highest score for patient satisfaction with 81%. Hospitals were also evaluated based on their physical conditions. The Bnai Zion Medical Center and Hadassah were ranked first in the medium size category as well.

We Care About Protecting Israel

The CEO of the Bnai Zion Medical Center, Dr. Amnon Rofe, has said, "Unfortunately, the threat of attack is significant. We've begun construction of a new protected underground emergency facility, fortified against nuclear, biological and chemical attack, that will help us save lives - but we need additional funding to complete it. Please make our priority yours."

Watch this short video in which Dr. Rofe discusses the current situation.

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Adopt a Family in Ahava Village with Our Mishpachton Program

With our program, Adopt-a-Family / Mishpachton in Ahava Village for Children & Youth, you can support one of the fifteen families in this refuge for abused children with a continual monthly contribution. Learn how the mishpachton provides nurturing care and encouragement to its residents. Click here for more information.

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"Bnai Zion, the American Fraternal Organization, has throughout the years distinguished itself as a group of devoted people who, in addition to steadfast support of the Zionist ideal, have contributed to the welfare and well-being of the State of Israel. Particularly noteworthy among the projects you have promoted are the Bnai Zion Medical Center and the home for retarded children in Rosh Ha’ayin. This combination of moral support and charitable deeds is deserving of praise."

 -- Shimon Peres, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, February 1988

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