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Creating the best birth experience

Over 3,400 babies are delivered by Bnai Zion Medical Center’s skilled staff every year. Bnai Zion Foundation is raising funds to update the Medical Center’s Labor and Delivery Suites to provide the best possible birth experience.  Read More

Protected Emergency Room for Haifa

Bnai Zion Medical Center is located within range of rocket fire from nearby Lebanon and Syria. Bnai Zion Foundation is raising funds for the construction of a protected underground Emergency Room and Hospitalization unit so that the Medical Center can continue to deliver the highest level of care to its patients, under all circumstances.  Read More

Bringing nuclear medicine to Haifa

In Northern Israel, some patients wait months for certain critical scans – precious time when one may have a serious illness. Bnai Zion Foundation is raising $5.8M to fund a new Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Center to accommodate at-risk patients by reducing the wait for scans that provide critical diagnoses.  Read More