Hope and Healing for At-Risk Youth

Bnai Zion raised funds for a new therapy center, allowing the children of Ahava Village to receive customized, coordinated, and cutting-edge treatment as a foundation to become happy, healthy, and productive members of Israeli society.

"I worked in this place that has plastic walls, and it’s shaky, and you could hear what's happening in the next room. Even though we work in all these places, we don’t have enough rooms, and we don’t have enough space to conduct the therapy."
— Liat Leibovich, a clinical psychologist at Ahava Village

A space of healing for children who have experienced abuse and neglect

Each year, disadvantaged children across Israel are removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, violence, and other forms of familial trauma. Hundreds of those children have found refuge in a residential community called Ahava Village for Children and Youth, where they have access to a range of therapeutic programs, from psychological counseling to bibliotherapy. These treatment methods, along with the supportive living environment, can rehabilitate traumatized youth and give them a normal childhood.

In 2018, Bnai Zion Foundation helped fund the construction of a therapy center at Ahava Village to provide a centralized space for all of the children to receive the therapy they need to heal from their traumatic experiences.

Providing more coordinated treatments, in a comforting environment

Before the therapy center was built, all the therapists and tools available to these children were spread out in different locations across the Ahava Village campus and did not have sufficient space to operate to their full potential. Ahava staff describe conducting therapies in empty classrooms, makeshift buildings, and even bomb shelters. While the quality of the therapy was excellent, it is hard for children to fully benefit when they aren’t completely comfortable in the space.

A better future for the 250 children living at Ahava – and the thousands who will call Ahava home over the years

The new therapy center currently benefits the over 250 children living at Ahava Village, allowing them to transcend their traumatic pasts, maximize their capabilities, and embrace opportunities for their future. Since its inception over 95 years ago, over 3,000 children have graduated from Ahava’s programs as healthier, happier people prepared to be productive members of Israeli society. At Bnai Zion Foundation, we believe that children are the key to Israel’s successful future.

Ahava Village for Children & Youth

Giving traumatized youth the best chance for a successful future