Remarks on Israel’s 70th

June 28, 2018 | in Summer 2018

A message from Stephen Savitsky, President

I wish that I had been able to go on the incredible Celebrate 180 trip, led by our Chief Executive Officer, Cheryl Bier, and attended by our Vice President, Donald Vogelman, and Treasurer, Alan Schwartz. They had the great fortune of being in Israel on the historic moment of its 70th birthday.

I celebrated, like so many of you, in my own community, with deep pride in what is a miracle in our lifetime. Is it possible that this small nation, surrounded by enemies, has been able to accomplish so much in so short a time period?

Fortunately for myself and my family, we go to Israel very often, and every time I go, I marvel at the new improvements that I see. On one block, you’ll find an ancient city, dating back thousands of years to the time of King David, and on the next block, you’ll find a high-tech company with the latest innovations in water, agricultural, medical, and military technology.

We should all be so proud of what they have accomplished as the only democratic country in the Middle East. Israel is not just a strategic ally of the United States, but is their best ally, I think, in the world.

70 years is a very short time in the history of a country. But 70 years is not truly 70 years; it’s 3,500 years from the time the Jewish people came to the land of Israel, promised in the bible as our “land of milk and honey.” I know that at Bnai Zion, we are now embarking on more missions to Israel. I hope that all of you will join us on the various programs that we have and allow us to show you Israel through the eyes of Bnai Zion. We have been around as an organization even before the state was established, and we look with tremendous pride at all they’ve accomplished.

So join us in celebrating 70 years of Israel, and also join us as we look forward to the future and hope and pray that very shortly, there will be peace in the land that we love.