The Therapeutic Center at Ahava Village

Today, Ahava Village for Children and Youth is a residential center for abused and at-risk children in Kiryat Bialik Israel. It houses more than 250 children and youth ages 6 to 18 who have been removed from their homes by court order and whose needs cannot be met by Israel’s regular foster care system.  It provides refuge for some of Israel’s most vulnerable children and young adults.  At home they were exposed to unimaginable horrors, including physical and sexual abuse, neglect, drug addiction and violence. Each child requires compassionate care, treatment and understanding to overcome the nightmares they have endured. With continuous specialized support from a dedicated staff that includes a psychiatrist, three psychologists, 11 social workers, 12 special therapists, caregivers and special education teachers the children can begin to heal, learn to trust and grow to have purposeful and fulfilling lives; and be productive members of Israeli society.

The therapeutic team develops a unique treatment plan that addresses each child’s individual needs. In addition to one-on-one and group therapy the program includes horseback riding, animal care, movement therapy, drama therapy, biblio therapy and writing therapy.  Currently, the therapists are located in different buildings across the Ahava campus. It will be a much-needed improvement once Ahava’s new Therapeutic Center is completed, to have all therapists and therapies under one roof.  Multimedia equipment, therapeutic equipment and games will be easily accessible to all of the therapists; and more frequent collaborations will be facilitated. 

The cost to build and furnish the Therapeutic Center is $2.2 million.


Contribute today:

Items Needed
Construction and equipment 20 needed $25,000
Multimedia equipment 20 needed $2,500
Small animals and cages 8 needed $1,500
A set of therapeutic equipment and games for each room 20 needed $1,200
Carpets 20 needed $850
Blinds 20 needed $800
Closets    20 needed $700
Tables and chairs 20 needed $650
Special secure doors 20 needed $600
Windows and grills 20 needed $500

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