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The Emergency Shelter

Ahava is where a child going through a traumatic experience can find a safe haven. In its emergency shelter, where children removed by court order from a dangerous situation are welcomed, there are counselors, psychologists and social workers. The shelter becomes home for these children, usually for several months. In the shelter they are given a nurturing setting, treatment and therapy to help them overcome the painful memories of what they experienced and set the course for a peaceful and positive future.


Designed to help children overcome severely dysfunctional backgrounds, Ahava offers a variety of activities and therapies such as sports, the arts (including fine arts, crafts and performing arts), journalism, computer instruction and more.

One such program is pet therapy. Pet therapy can help provide an outward focus on others, which people who suffer from low self-esteem need to build; it can teach about nurturing and being nurtured, which traumatized children need to be taught; it helps create a rapport with another, which children from broken families need to develop; and it teaches acceptance, which abused children need to experience to develop into healthy adults.

18+ Program

The 18+ Program offers Ahava graduates without their own family, who are serving in the Israel Defense Force a warm and loving home to come to for weekends or on leave. The program provides apartments and staff to help these service members through their military challenges and encourage them in their next step in life. This program has been developed to offer guidance and education as well.

Helping Ahava means helping a disadvantaged child transcend a troubled past to have a better chance at a meaningful, happy life. Donations are necessary to continue to expand the programs that give abused children a safe home and the tools for a brighter future. Projects that need funding include upgrading the older facilities, the construction of an arts and culture center, expanding the daycare facility, and recreational pursuits.


Ahava means ‘love' in Hebrew.


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