AHAVA VILLAGE – Construction Begins on New Therapy Center

June 28, 2018 | in Summer 2018

In early May, construction began on Ahava Village for Children and Youth’s new therapy center. The new therapy center will unite all of Ahava’s different therapeutic offerings under one roof, making it easier for the staff to collaborate with each other and access the materials needed to provide each child with the most customized, cutting-edge, coordinated treatment possible. Currently, all of Ahava’s therapies are spread out and conducted in whatever space is available, from trailers to bomb shelters.

The therapy center will benefit the over 250 children currently receiving services at Ahava, allowing them to transcend their traumatic pasts, maximize their capabilities, and embrace opportunities for their future. The center will also continue to benefit disadvantaged children who come through the residential program for generations to come.

In the first stage of construction, the workers began to tear down an out-of- use building sitting on the area and dug the hole for the building’s foundation. In early June, Chairman George Schaeffer attended a groundbreaking for the therapy center, during which he helped place the cornerstone. Currently, the building’s foundation is being laid.

While the funding to finish the therapy center is still ongoing, Ahava Village’s Executive Director, Yoav Apelboim, is excited for the project to be underway and optimistic about the future.

“We are so grateful to Bnai Zion for their generosity towards building our therapy center,” said Mr. Apelboim. “We have the utmost confidence that we will be able to complete the project and, in doing so, improve the therapies that our children receive.”