Jan Kiderman

Vice President

“My dad got involved at Bnai Zion and he fell in love with Bnai Zion’s focus on improving the lives of the people of Israel. It was then that I realized that Bnai Zion was a hidden giant in Jewish philanthropy and decided to do my small part in helping Israel’s most vulnerable. I feel truly privileged to be part of Bnai Zion’s efforts of building a more inclusive, healthy, and vibrant Israel.”

Since graduating Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in 1985, Jan Kiderman has been working with company founders and investors, transforming business models, building teams and raising capital to quickly position them for optimal growth. He calls it, “strategic development on steroids.”

Focused largely on startups and early-stage companies, Jan is often retained with the mandate to operate in stealth mode, and under the radar, unlocking value while protecting clients’ interests and intellectual property. In spite of the challenges that such work entails, he has been instrumental in helping many fledging startups raise significant capital, gain traction and close on highly successful exit strategies.

Jan credits his unique brand of market savvy and his ability to find the right doors, and then get them to open, to years of “rubbing elbows” with some of the brightest strategic minds, including many of the most prominent angel, venture capital and strategic investors and M&A professionals. He has worked closely with board-level executives of companies as diverse as AWS, Alphabet, Apple, Cargill, Comcast, GE, Google, IBM, Intel, Pfizer, Medtronic, Stryker, and Verizon and with key stakeholders at federal and state government agencies.

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