December 10, 2018 | in Winter 2018-19

A message from Cheryl Bier, CEO & National Secretary

As we approach 2019, I want to thank all of our wonderful supporters for the work you have allowed us to complete this year. 2018 was a momentous year for Bnai Zion Foundation. Two of our projects – the protected emergency room at Bnai Zion Medical Center and the therapy center at Ahava Village for Children and Youth – have begun their construction. Our partnership with Yad Leah has led to several successful clothing drives this year. We also have been able to bring new Board Members and staff on board at both the National and Texas Region levels, bringing with them fresh ideas and enabling us to build our capacity to contribute to our partners in Israel.

In our last issue of the Voice, we took a look back on 70 years of Israel, hearing stories from those who were around for the formation of the state. We have a lot to be proud of as we look back on our history, and a lot to be excited about as, in this issue, we look toward Israel’s future.

A recent report from the World Economic Forum ranked Israel the top country for growth of innovative companies and attitude toward entrepreneurial risk, spending the highest percentage of their GDP on Research and Development. From advances in medical procedures and irrigation technologies to social change, Israel is an incredible incubator for innovation – and our projects are no exception.

This magazine will show you how our projects are making strides to better serve their communities, Israel, and the world. You’ll learn how Bnai Zion Medical Center is updating their facilities to keep their patients safe, offer the best birth experience in the Middle East, and remain on the forefront of innovative treatment. You’ll read about the programs that Israel Elwyn and Ahava Village for Children and Youth have put in place to help those in their care, and which have served as a model for similar organizations in Israel and beyond. You’ll hear about Ma’ale Adumim’s new program to help seniors and young families in the community help each other. Finally, you’ll find out how Yad Leah went from the contents of one closet to a system of 23 communities across Israel – and what they hope to accomplish next.

We are also looking forward to the future of Bnai Zion. If 2018 was a great year, we plan to make 2019 even better! Our project to expand the Yuvalim center in Ma’ale Adumim plans to begin construction in the coming months, and, God willing, we will be holding a ribbon cutting for our new therapy center in the Spring. With many of our current projects nearing their completion, our board will be meeting soon to discuss some incredible new projects to undertake as we move forward.
I wish all of you a healthy and happy Chanukah, and all the best in the coming year.