Cutting-Edge Cardiac Treatment Center

$3.5 million of $3.5 million

The Bnai Zion Medical Center, located in Haifa in the north of Israel, is a beacon of hope in the region and provides excellent care to every patient, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin. The much-needed services it offers include thousands of life-saving surgeries and rehabilitation programs. A new cardiac facility was required to accommodate the number of patients in the region who come to BZMC for the highest quality care. The new Edmond and Nadine de-Rothschild Foundation Division of Cardiology provides cutting-edge treatment to 1,800 admitted patients and 2,500 outpatients each year.

Our Project

The new Intensive Care Cardiology Unit allows Bnai Zion Medical Center to provide the people of Haifa a state-of-the-art complex that offers an enhanced and expanded level of care, including interventional cardiology, cardiac imaging, cardiac rehabilitation and prevention, and noninvasive and extensive outpatient treatments. This beautiful, modern, spacious building also includes an advanced research unit, ensuring that the best care and cutting-edge medical treatments are available to patients.

Who Benefits

Cardiac patients from Haifa and Northern Israel come to the Bnai Zion Medical Center for quality care in every field. Every year, the BZMC cardiac division performs 4,600 different essential procedures, including 1,300 catheterizations and 100 defibrillator implantations. The new cardiac division building will allow more patients in the region to be better served for generations to come.

Our Partner

Bnai Zion Medical Center, now approaching its 100th anniversary, was the first Jewish hospital in Northern Israel. Today, the staff and patients reflect the diversity of Haifa: Christian and Muslim Arabs, Druze, and Jewish physicians and staff work together every day as a united team, driven by a common goal: to provide the very best medical care to all members of the Haifa community.

BZMC is a full service facility with departments and services not available in other hospitals in Northern Israel. The rehabilitation department provides a strategic asset to the IDF, as well as the region’s citizens, and the center for abused women has become a model for other institutions across the country. A preschool for blind children prepares students for integrated classroom learning with their peers by the time they enter kindergarten. BZMC maintains the highest standards of healthcare and consistently receives the highest marks in patient satisfaction according to national surveys. In fact, BZMC is the most sought-after hospital in the region for expecting mothers.

The Bnai Zion Medical Center has been a trusted partner for Bnai Zion’s projects. Recently, Bnai Zion has funded a neonatology and pediatric unit for the hospital. Construction of the Chais Building for child development was completed in September 2005. Today the Child Development Center is recognized as the region’s leading center for diagnosis and treatment of young children who have neurological-developmental challenges.

Fulfilling Our Mission

The Bnai Zion Medical Center furthers Bnai Zion’s mission of creating a more inclusive, healthy, vibrant Israel by providing high-quality medical care to Israel’s most vulnerable citizens. The cutting-edge cardiac treatment BZMC offers to thousands of patients requires an expansive and sophisticated facility. Building a new cardiac unit ensures that Bnai Zion Medical Center can continue to offer the best treatment for many years to come.