Community Building for Seniors

$470,765 of $940,000

The Yuvalim Center in Ma’ale Adumim is the only community center for seniors in an area that is home to over 3,500 elderly citizens. The center currently provides a myriad of social and enrichment activities for the nearly 700 men and women who frequent the center every day. As the number of people who depend on the Yuvalim Center continues to rise, the space becomes more crowded. Due to space constraints, a large percentage of the region’s elderly population is unable to benefit from the center’s activities. The overcrowding jeopardizes the implementation of the existing activities, as well as the creation of further innovative and far-reaching programs that are vital for this community. A building expansion would allow the Yuvalim center to increase the number of existing activities, reach a larger percentage of an ever-growing population, and provide services that are not currently possible due to lack of space.

Our Project

Bnai Zion is raising funds to expand the Yuvalim Community Center so it can better serve the growing elderly population in the region. With more space, the center will be able to ensure widespread access to various activities including exercise classes, arts & crafts, and educational programs. All Jewish holidays are celebrated at the center, and there are monthly excursion to interesting venues across the country. Aside from the ongoing daily social activities at the center, considerable focus is placed upon the daily well-being of the elderly with physical and mental disabilities. Twice a week the seniors are brought to the center to participate in the activities and receive a hot meal. These essential services can only be provided to all who need them with a building expansion.

Who Benefits

The center strives to provide a dignified lifestyle for the elderly, and the daily activities ensure that they are looked after both physically and mentally. The seniors who will benefit from the expansion spend a large part of their lives at the center, as many of them do not have families. The Yuvalim Center also serves as a retreat for Ma’ale Adumim’s 1,000 holocaust survivors who are completely reliant upon the essential services supplied by the center. More and more seniors are relying on the Yuvalim Center, and they will only be able to receive vital services if the center has more space to accommodate them.

Our Partner

The Yuvalim Center was constructed 20 years ago to cater to the needs of the elderly population. The senior citizens’ center is an active, happy place; seniors from every neighborhood of Ma’ale Adumim come for a day of activities including stimulating lectures, art projects, and trips. The activities enable seniors to develop friendships and promote cognitive health.

Fulfilling Our Mission

Providing a community space where seniors can receive essential services, participate in activities, and promote their physical and mental health is in line with Bnai Zion’s mission to build a more vibrant and inclusive Israel. With your help to expand the Yuvalim Center, we can make a lasting improvement in the quality of life for Israel’s elderly.