Dignity for Disabled Elders

$700,226 of $1.1 million

Israel Elwyn Supported Living Services seeks to build a society in which people with disabilities have equal rights and we all can aspire to determine our own future and way of life. Currently, there is a shortage of assisted living facilities that are fully accessible to older residents in wheelchairs and walkers who also require nursing care. Bnai Zion is raising money to build a new home for these residents. The Bnai Zion Pavilion will allow them to retain access to a high level of care, medical services, and other programs, while living in a home that meets their accessibility needs and provides additional comfort, security, and safety.

Our Project

In order to better take care of Israel’s senior citizens, we are raising funds for the Bnai Zion Pavilion, a new residence to be built at the Israel Elwyn Supported Living Services complex. The new facility will have a cumulative total of 4,263 Sq. Ft. (396 sq. m.). It will be composed of two large apartments, each with ground floor access, housing up to 12 residents who use wheelchairs or walkers and who also require nursing care. In order to maximize residents’ enjoyment of the outdoor space, the first level will be surrounded by gardens, and the second level will have a large balcony. Each apartment will have two single and two twin bedrooms to accommodate a total of six residents, with showers, a living/dining room, and a kitchen, as well as a storeroom and laundry room. An emergency call button will be located next to each resident’s bed, and all residents will be able to move with greater ease from bed to bath to chair.

Creating a normative feeling of home in the new Bnai Zion Pavilion will be a top priority, and will be achieved by consulting interior designers and utilizing welcoming colors, decorations, and furnishings. With your generous support, we can build the Bnai Zion Pavilion and ensure that all of its residents live with dignity and the comforts of home they deserve.

Who Benefits

The Bnai Zion Pavilion will be fully accessible to all of the residents, enabling individuals in wheelchairs to easily open and pass through doors and move more easily within and outside the apartment. Emphasis will be placed on providing comfort, security, and privacy to the elderly residents to allow for an enhanced quality of life.

Our Partner

Israel Elwyn’s Supported Living Services complex in Jerusalem is home to 220 adults with intellectual and other disabilities requiring varying levels of care. Founded in 1984, Israel Elwyn now serves more than 3,000 children and adults with disabilities living throughout Israel every day, with the goal of providing them with the tools to make decisions about their own lives and gain more independence.

Bnai Zion has worked with Israel Elwyn Supported Living Services to create lasting improvement in the lives of its residents. The Zvi Quittman Supported Living Center was built thanks to Bnai Zion, in honor of Bnai Zion’s former Executive Vice President, Herman Quittman. It is comprised of a number of apartments housing ten residents each, allowing residents to enjoy the privacy and opportunities afforded by a less “institutional” lifestyle. This departure from the previous dormitory-style of residence has greatly improved the quality of life of the residents, and has been instrumental in providing them with greater privacy and fostering their independence.

Fulfilling Our Mission

Taking care of our elderly is an essential part of building a unified and inclusive society. This residential center will allow seniors to maintain independence and dignity while they receive comprehensive support. Help us build a new home for those with physical disabilities that will make everyone feel welcome and provide residents the care and comfort they need.