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Distinguished Humanitarian Award Dinner Honoring Larry Pitt,
October 23, 2013

A Visit to Ahava Village in Summer 2013

Larry Pitt & Phyllis Meloff visited Ahava Village in June 2013 and learned about the outstanding work done in this refuge for abused children. This video was shown at the Oct. 23 dinner in honor of Larry Pitt in Philadelphia.

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An Elegant Soirée Launches Our Tribute Dinner

On Sunday, October 6, as a prequel to the October 23 dinner in his honor, Larry Pitt and Phyllis Meloff graciously opened their home for an elegant dinner for major-gift donors and discussed their recent visit to Ahava Village for Children & Youth in Kiryat Bialik, which the dinner will benefit.

  • About Ahava From Larry Pitt
  • Former DA Lynn Abraham
  • Grunspan And Dr.
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  • Octo
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  • Ted-Kirsh,-Phyllis,-Larry,Lynn-Abraham-and-Elinor-Dezzi
  • With-Mrs.--and-Dr.-Brent-Weinerman--and-Mrs.-and-Mr.-Rosen

Parlor Meeting Launches New Mishpachton Program

Ariela and Shmuel Yankelewitz hosted a beautiful gathering in their home Oct. 2 to launch our new Adopt-a-Family / Mishpachton program for Ahava Village for Children & Youth. Yoav Apelboim, executive director of Ahava, visiting from Israel, introduced this program. By making an ongoing monthly contribution, you can help support one of fifteen families in this village for children at risk. More information about the program can be found by clicking here.

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Top Israeli Vocalist David Broza is the Special Guest at Exclusive Reception on Saturday evening, May 25, 2013

David was the guest of honor at the reception, at which the birthdays of Louanne Spielman, Stephen Selber and Ofer Yechezkel were celebrated and guests mingled and chatted with the well-known vocalist. Tali and Yoni, who participated in a mitzvah project for Ahava, sold bracelets they made to contribute proceeds to the village. Ariela and Shmuel Yankelewits, recently married with seven children, said, "Ahava is about love and commitment. At Ahava, kids have a chance to transform their lives and create a future. Without Ahava, these kids would not have much of a future. This philosophy of providing kids with a home, love, commitment and future has touched us both." David was happy to lend his support and he signed CDs and had his photo taken with guests.

Click here to read a fantastic interview with David Broza that took place on April 30

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From Distress to Success: Benefit for Ahava Village
March 17
, 2013

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  • Ahava Braclet
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  • BRUNCH@22
  • Brunchhadar
  • Cindy And Yoav
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  • March 17- Philly
  • Mitzvah Kids With The Gitlins
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  • Roni And Omer


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