Meirav’s Story

June 26, 2018 | in Ahava Village: Children's Stories

Meirav is a 17-year-old girl from Guatemala. When she was six months old, she was adopted by a single woman living in Hadera, Israel. Unfortunately, when Meirav was two years old her adoptive mother died from cancer, and she was sent to live with her aunt.

When Meirav was 12, her school counselor discovered that she had posted a suicide note on Facebook. An investigation revealed that Meirav’s aunt and her family were abusing her. Meirav was taken to Ahava Village’s Emergency Crisis Center. She was then sent to a rehabilitative residential center, because evaluations showed that she was highly intelligent and would therefore be able to progress in her studies and development with little further intervention. However, the evaluations did not account for the behavioral and emotional problems that Meirav exhibited as a result of her trauma, and she did not succeed in that environment.

At 14, Meirav was admitted to Ahava Village’s residential program, where she has been living for 3 years. With the attention of our therapeutic, educational, and home care staff, Meiav became calmer, started to feel at home, and improved in her studies. She started cooperating with deep emotional and art therapy, and her state improved significantly.

Recently, Meirav was appointed a new guardian who brought her to her adoptive mother’s house, which had been locked for 15 years. The visit was very emotional. She found a picture of herself as a baby with a teddy bear, which she then found and brought back to her home care unit. Ownership of the house will pass to Meirav when she turns 18.

With Ahava’s continued support, we believe that Meirav will keep improving and advancing, and that she will be well-prepared for adult life.