MAGIC & MIRACLES At the Annual Texas Region Gala

October 29, 2017 | in News

Our Texas Region hosted their successful Magic & Miracles Gala on October 29, beguiling the audience with incredible illusions. Texas Region Board member Barry Wernick was the event’s chair and Master of Ceremonies and kept the program moving at a fast and entertaining pace. That night, Drs. Michelle & Brian Kravitz were honored with the Tikkun Olam Award. The Kravitzes are longtime Bnai Zion supporters and are highly respected and admired for their military service as Lt. Colonels in the US Army and for their medical practices. Many of their friends and associates came to show their support for them and for Bnai Zion that night.

Chris Korn, the internationally known illusionist, amazed and entertained the audience with his sleight of hand. He was also an articulate spokesman for donating to Bnai Zion. As a bonus, he stayed on to tape a video tutorial of virtual magic tricks that will be emailed to our current and future donors as an added treat. According to Barry Wernick, “This will allow those who attended this event, as well as future donors, an opportunity to make magic of their own and hopefully be ongoing supporters of our miraculous Bnai Zion projects.”

The program included Dr. Amnon Rofe, who introduced the new video of the Bnai Zion Medical Center’s Pediatric ER department, which was the event’s fundraising recipient. National Board member Larry Strauss led a live auction for medical equipment for the hospital. Larry is known at the Bnai Zion events for the live auction, where he secures meaningful funds in just a few minutes as auctioneer extraordinaire! The silent auction, ably led by VP of Communications Maura Schreier-Fleming, offered a variety of gift and travel prizes to raise funds for Bnai Zion.

David Eisenberg, former president of Bnai Zion, commented, “The selection of our Tikkun Olam awardees, pediatricians Drs. Brian and Michelle Kravitz, was a class act in itself that paired these brilliant and philanthropic pediatricians with the needs of our Bnai Zion pediatric ER department.”

Executive Vice President Cheryl Bier gave a brief introduction to the Dallas premiere of the new Bnai Zion video and expressed her gratitude to Texas Region Executive Director Avrille Harris and the Bnai Zion team for all their hard work and for making the event possible. Local dignitaries in attendance included Judge Carl Ginsberg, who stated on his Facebook page, “Chris Korn was an amazing magician – thanks Barry for letting me know about this magical event!”, and Senator Don Huffines, who commented, “This evening reminds me of our family’s trip to Israel.” The senator’s gracious wife, Mary Catherine, said that she felt honored to participate and share in the joy of the evening and its causes.

Former Bnai Zion honorees in attendance included former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, Brenda Marcus, and Ann Stacy, whose kind and generous husband, John, purchased the cherry red fox coat at the silent auction, in addition to their usual generous donations to Bnai Zion. While the evening itself was magical, the amazing work that Bnai Zion does is what allows us to experience true miracles.

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