Host a Parlor Meeting

Get involved with Bnai Zion in a big and significant way!

There are numerous opportunities to host guest speakers from Israel representing our projects, the government and other areas of Israeli life. Parlor meetings, to which a group of your friends and associates can be invited, provide the ideal format to hear firsthand the latest news and information about our work and current events in Israel. They are an opportunity for guests to ask questions, learn in-depth, and become acquainted with the objectives and needs of the Israeli community.

A parlor meeting may include a video presentation about one of our projects, a discussion by the guest speaker, a question-and-answer session and time for refreshments. As a targeted fundraising vehicle, parlor meetings are a way for others to learn more about Bnai Zion and our various giving opportunities.

If you are interested in helping Bnai Zion achieve its goals and think your friends and/or associates would be interested as well, then why not consider hosting a parlor meeting in your home. We would be happy to put it together for you and are grateful for your willingness to open your home in behalf of Bnai Zion.

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