Bnai Zion Foundation’s mission is to build a more inclusive, healthy, and vibrant Israel.

About Bnai Zion

Bnai Zion Foundation is a US-based nonprofit that identifies and funds capital projects in Israel in the areas of social inclusion, health, and culture. Over the past 110 years, Bnai Zion has raised tens of millions of dollars and completed over one hundred humanitarian projects in Israel that have contributed to the physical, mental, and social well-being of the people of Israel. Bnai Zion’s work has made Israel a more transformative, innovative, welcoming place and strengthened the significant, enduring ties between America and Israel.


Bnai Zion seeks projects that have a long term, positive social impact on the people of Israel, independent of a political or religious agenda. As such, it is the only organization pursuing capital projects for social impact causes that unite supporters of Israel across the political and religious spectrum. Working with partners on the ground, those who care about the people of Israel are able to help build a safer, more unified society. Bnai Zion’s focus on investments in capital projects ensures long-term impact – from a center for disabled veterans to a village for holocaust survivors, the lasting effects of Bnai Zion’s work can be seen across the country.


Over its long history, Bnai Zion has developed an extensive network of partners across the social services sector in Israel, including both government and non-government actors. For its projects, Bnai Zion partners with organizations and institutions that are known for their groundbreaking, best-in-class services and programs. Many of Bnai Zion’s partners are known both inside and outside Israel as models of excellence in social impact. Because of this, Bnai Zion often chooses to continue working with successful partners on multiple projects and over many years.


Since its inception, Bnai Zion Foundation’s goal has been about much more than supporting projects in Israel. Bnai Zion was founded as a community of Americans who love Israel. With no political or religious affiliation, Bnai Zion is a home where supporters of Israel from all walks of life can come together to strengthen each other and play an individual and collective role in helping to strengthen Israeli society.